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New Zealand – The Flights

Have you ever heard the flight to New Zealand is long? “Long” doesn’t even begin to cover it!!!

The Flight Over
February 13th (Day 1) – Got on a plane to New Zealand.
February 14th (Day 2) – There was no Day 2.
February 15th (Day 3) – Got on yet another plane to New Zealand. Four planes and 29 hours later, I arrived.

The Flight Back
February 28th – We awoke to sunrise over our last day in New Zealand.
February 28th – We drove to the airport through the sunset on our last day in New Zealand.
February 28th – 10pm, we boarded the plane back to the U.S.
February 28th – The sun rose (again) as we flew toward home.
February 28th – Landed on the West Coast of the USA, cleared customs, enjoyed the warm sun outside as we strolled over to our domestic connection at another terminal.
February 28th – The sun set (again) as we continued to fly toward home.
February 28th – One hour from our final airport… Will this day never end.
February 29th – Finally!!! We landed at 1:00 AM after a very long day.