Monthly Archives: July 2011

Heading to Scotland

Our trip to Scotland started off with a bang! (or a mechanical failure).

Today, I left for Scotland with 8 of my close friends.

Our plane from DC to Newark was delayed due to mechanical failure–a light was burned out. The delay caused the expected uproar from those with connections they might now be missing, the most vocal of these being the gentleman sitting next to Lori.

After repeated announcements, he asked to be let off the plane stating, “I might as well stay in DC rather than sleep in the Newark airport.”

He headed up front, returned, headed up front again. Shortly after his next return, the head steward announced that the broken part was being replaced and we would be able to depart in 15 minutes.

To this, Lori’s row mate announced, “They only fixed it caused I threatened to get off the plane.”

After the part was installed, came my favorite part… they had to reboot the plane. In order for the plane to recognize the new part, they had to shut it down and restart it.

We made it to Newark to find our airplane to Edinburgh delayed one hour, leaving us plenty of time to eat dinner at a diner and have a few drinks.